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iPhone Tips : Maybe you’ve been using an iPhone for years, but it took you a while to learn all the useful features and tricks of your phone, and it continues to take. To help you use your iPhone even better, we’ve selected 28 different tips for you that many people don’t know about. These tips work on all iPhone models. Check out the tips we’ve listed now, and you can take a step ahead of your friends with these tips you’ve learned.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

1. Taking Photo With Voice Button

When taking a picture, especially if it is difficult to touch the screen when taking a selfie, you can take a picture by turning on the camera and pressing the volume up or down key.

iPhone tips Taking Photo With Voice Button

2. Using Google Maps Without The Internet

If you went abroad or your internet package is over, GPS and Mobile data are a must in order not to get lost on the way. If you still have the internet before you go abroad, you can download a map of your destination country on Google Maps to your phone and see it around you without the internet.

iPhone Google MAPS Offline

3. Music Stop With Timer

New iPhone Tips :Did you know that you can stop music playing on the iPhone after a while? If you want to sleep in the middle of the night with music, this feature is for you.

Go to Clock> Timer> Ringtone and enable the Stop Playing option.

iPhone Stop Music With Timer

4. See The Power Of The Phone’s Network In Numbers

It’s not so obvious on the iPhone to see how much the network is pulling. Fortunately, with this feature, you can show gravity with numbers. What you need to do;

Come to the search section and dial *3001#12345#* these characters, then press the call key. You will then start seeing numbers in the upper left corner.

5. Close 3 Apps Simultaneously

Did you know it’s possible to close 3 apps at once? To do this, double-click the Home button and use 3 fingers. When you have lots of open apps, it saves time and increases the speed of your iPhone or iPad.

Close 3 Apps Simultaneously

6.Use Apple Headphones to Take Photos

To take a selfie easily, simply press the Volume Up button on the headset’s remote control.

You can also put the iPhone on the ground and take pictures more remotely without having to press the button with your finger. It also works for making videos.

7. Find Tabs Closed in Safari

If you need to find one of the tabs you recently closed on safari, this feature will come in handy.

All you have to do is go to the opening a new tab section in Safari and press and hold the + key in the middle, and then the Closed Tabs will appear.

Find Tabs Closed in Safari

8. Search Spotlight Like A Pro

When you make a Spotlight call (swipe down on the Home screen), you can access almost everything stored on your iPhone: your contacts (searchable by name or number), apps, messages, calendar events, songs, videos, and more.

You can customize where the caller is to be done by going to Settings> General> Spotlight Search.

To save time, you can use direct Spotlight Search, make phone calls, send messages (instead of going to your contact list), and quickly find apps from the hundreds of apps you have. Instead of trying to find the song in all your playlists, you can search by title, artist, or album.

9. Deleting a Specific Location in Calculator

When we make a mistake in the calculator, we press C as the first reflex. In that case, we’ll have to rewrite all the numbers.

But if you only have one digit to change, swipe from left to right to delete the last digits entered. It also works from right to left.

10. Transition To Scientific Calculator

When the calculator is on, bring the iPhone to horizontal mode to access the scientific calculator, which offers more options.

Transition To Scientific Calculator

11. Quickly Close Your Notification Header

You can swipe the screen to quickly close the notification header. So if you have someone else looking at your phone, you can be sure they haven’t read your messages and notifications.

12. Quickly Reply To Messages

If you receive a message in the middle of the game, you don’t need to go to the Messages app to reply. Scroll down for a quick response. So you can give your answer without leaving the game.

13. Easily Change Songs Using The Headset

The headset that comes out of the iPhone’s box is quite useful. To play music or pause a song, press the middle button once.

Press twice to jump to the next song. Press 3 times to return to the previous song.

14. Quickly Return To The Top Of The Screen

If you’re at the bottom of an app, such as a music player, website, Excel file, or PDF, just tap the clock on the screen to easily get to the top.

15. Restricting Access to iPhone

When a child wants to play with your iPhone or iPad, it can be useful to restrict access to your phone. You can use the “Guided Access” function to do this.

This feature prevents the child from touching anywhere and entering a place where they should not accidentally delete or, worse, delete something.

To do this, tap and turn on Settings> General> Accessibility> Guided access. Enable the Accessibility Shortcut.

Then go to the game or app in question and click the iPhone’s Home button 3 times to activate the function. That’s all, now your child can just play the game and not switch to another screen! To disable this function, tap the “Home” button 3 times and enter your secret code.

16. Charge iPhone 2X Faster

New iPhone Tips : If you put your phone in airplane mode, it charges twice as fast.

Definitely try this feature while traveling, it really saves time.

17. Home key continue to use damaged iPhone

If your iPhone’s Home button is broken, use the “AssistiveTouch” feature to perform this function.
When the function is activated, a large white circle will appear on your screen. By tapping on it, you will find the same functions as clicking on the Home button.

A good way to improve the life of your iPhone without having to spend money on repairs.

More detailed information: Take a Screenshot on iPhone Without Home and Power Key

18. Save Time Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts, text, or e-mail saves you time when writing.

If you’re tired of rewriting your email every time, it’s beneficial for adding a phrase you frequently use, writing long and difficult words, or writing down information such as address and bank details that you often use in messages.

All you have to do is add shortcuts and go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Shortcuts.

19. Continuous Capitalization

Sometimes you need to write a sentence or abbreviation in capital letters. You can do this by double-clicking the arrow at the bottom left of the keyboard.

Continuous Capitalization

20. Shake iPhone to Delete Texts

If there is a text you want to delete, just shake the phone and the iPhone will clear all text. To cancel the deletion, just shake the phone and your text will come back.

21. Press and Hold the ° Key to Access the Degree Symbol

If you’re discussing weather or chemistry, you might need a degree symbol.

To display the degree symbol, press and hold the digit 0 on the keyboard for 2 seconds, and the ° sign will appear on the screen.

Press and Hold the 0 Key to Access the Degree Symbol

22. Increase Brightness When Taking Pictures

iPhone tips : Did you know that it is possible to improve the brightness when taking pictures?

This function is quite useful if you are taking pictures in a dark place with little light. Or, on the contrary, if you want to reduce the brightness for a photo taken against the light, it will work again.

To do this, tap anywhere on the screen when taking a photo, then swipe up or down to edit the brightness, and that’s it. ( iPhone Tips and Tricks. )

Increase Brightness When Taking Pictures

23.Take Right to Left Panoramic Photos

If you like to take panoramic photos, you need to move the camera from left to right every time. But if you’re tired of it, there’s a trick to taking photos from right to left.

Just click on the small white arrow to take a photo from right to left.

24. Using the iPhone Like a Spirit Level

iPhone tips : If you are doing your own projects or small hobbies at home, this feature is for you. with the iPhone, you can measure whether a board is flat or not.

All you have to do is open the Compass app and then scroll the screen to the left.

Using the iPhone Like a Spirit Level

25. Writing in Bold, Italic and Underline When Writing an Email

When writing an email, you may want to type in bold or italic or underline. It’s pretty simple to do that on the iPhone.

Select the expression you want to change, then press the small arrow to the right and then one of the B- I – U keys. B writes in bold, I writes italics (italics), U writes underlined.

26. Taking A Series Of Photos

Want to take lots of photos at once? Just press and hold the capture button to automatically activate Burst mode.

27. Get Siri To Read Your Emails Aloud

New iPhone Tips : Wouldn’t it be nice if Siri read our emails to us?

For that, just say to Siri “read my new emails”. It will completely read the name, time, subject, and e-mail of the person who sent you the mail.

iphone tips e-mail read on siri

28. Check The Apps That Consume The Most Batteries

Want to know how much apps consume your battery?

Go to Settings> General> Usage> Battery Usage. Here you will be able to see which apps you need to close to save battery power.

I hope you enjoyed all these iphone tips, don’t forget to read our other articles.

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