Everything You Need to Know About Apple Care and the Apple Care+


About Apple Care and the Apple Care +

There are those of us who are just too clumsy and are most likely to drop things mistakenly even our mobile phones included. Well, you don’t have to feel bad or blame yourself cause that is a mistake most people make occasionally. But even though you shouldn’t feel bad about it, the is some serious cause for concern when you purchase the iPhone worth over 600 US dollar. That is why Apple introduced the Apple Care phone warranty plans. Am sure those of you who don’t really know much about the Apple Care would be asking questions such as, what exactly is this AppleCare+? Is it necessary for all iPhone users and if so, what makes it very important?

What is Apple Care and AppleCare+?

iPhone users are fond of interchanging both words, thinking that they mean the same thing. That plus sign that differentiates them means something that adds a huge difference to various coverages. So, let’s get down to the bottom of both coverages.

Hardware Coverage Apple Care+
Get up to 2 incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months.
Get battery service if it retains less than 80% of its original capacity.

Apple Care is termed the Limited Warranty Coverage by Apple. Apple Care is what everyone gets whenever he or she purchase any Apple product, this is not limited to the iPhone devices, it includes all Apple Watches, Air pod devices, the Apple TV and even the Mac books. You can call it the baseline warranty coverage for purchasing any new Apple products. On the other hand, the AppleCare+ does not come free for all iPhone customers, this is an add-on service that is paid for.

Just like with every other mobile phone brand or product manufacturer, the warranty is a form of fault or damage coverage that is given to the customer. This is a guarantee that the device or product is expected to work fine within a specific timeframe without developing any fault in functionality. If anything goes wrong with the device within that period and it certain that it was no fault of the user, the manufacturer takes up the responsibility of fixing the device and returning it into a functional state at no cost to the customer.

So, Apple Care is simply a product warranty, Apple has only found a fancy name to give it. Since Apple is a company that produces both hardware and operating systems that are truly integrated across various products. Only the Apple Care or AppleCare+ can really afford you access to experts who would offer you a one-stop solution to your iPhone issues.

Features and Benefits Surrounding the Apple Care Warranty

Like most manufacturers, the length of coverage is within a set time limit after which the company signs off taking such responsibilities, and for Apple, there is usually a one-year warranty on all their products. This warranty covers any form of damage or breakage that is no fault of their customer or the iPhone user in this case. So, complaints like my power button randomly stopped working, the mouthpiece seems to be faulty or some factory-installed software seems not to work as it should, would all be entertained within that period. But when you drop your phone and the screen shatters, just know it that such damages are not going to be covered even for a single day after purchasing your iPhone, as it would be deemed a user fault damage.

The Apple Care warranty is also transferrable from one user to another. This means that if you buy an Apple device and decide to resell to someone else, the new user would enjoy the remaining warranty period. For example, if you purchase the iPhone 11 and then decide to resell it to another user after five (5) months of usage, the Apple Care coverage would automatically be transferred to the new user to enjoy the remaining seven (7) months of coverage on the device.

The Apple Care warranty is applicable to all Apple devices irrespective of where you purchased them, so far as they are certified distributors of the device. This means that even if you bought your iPhone 11 from Amazon or from XYZ store, you would get the complete Apple Care coverage and all its benefits as though you purchased your iPhone directly from an Apple store.

Apple Care iphone

Features and Benefits Surrounding the AppleCare+ Warranty

Now that we understand all about the Apple Care warranty coverage and what all Apple customers stand to benefit whenever they make a purchase. So, what happens when you want an extra warranty or coverage for your iPhone, just in case you accidentally bump it against a hard surface, or it drops. You would simply opt-in for the AppleCare+ coverage which is available for those who simply want to extend their warranty coverage timeframe for the one year to let’s say two years. This means that whatever fault your iPhone develops within the period of two years that is not as a result of a mistake on your own part, would be taken care of by Apple. If you also want to add extra coverage to your free 1-year warranty, such as the glass screen shattering as a result of your iPhone dropping, you can do that with the AppleCare+ warranty coverage plan.

To enjoy the accidental damage coverage of AppleCare+, you simply pay a fee to upgrade from Apple Care to AppleCare+. This payment is based on the Apple material that you purchased, be it an iPhone, an Apple Watch or a Macbook. This upgrade can come in handy as most accidental damages would cost you more than the payment for the AppleCare+ subscription.

Let me take you through a quick rundown on the cost of AppleCare+ coverage on some Apple devices. The information provided below is the coverage fees for Apple products as discovered through detailed research and survey. The information provided is to guide as to what you should expect the coverage fee to be as they are subject to changes by Apple.

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone X coverage fees are set at 199 US dollar. The fee for iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus is 149 US dollar, while that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 is 129 dollars. For the MacBook and MacBook Air, you can get coverage at 269 dollars, while coverage for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro goes for 269 and 379 US dollar respectively. For the Apple Watch series, the coverage fee for series 4 is set at 79 dollars, while that of series 3 is at 49 dollars. The coverage for iMac is 169 dollars and the Mac Mini is 99 dollars. The AppleTV and Home Pod have a coverage fee of 29 and 30 dollars respectively.

Paying for these coverages does not automatically mean that you can always take your phone for repairing no matter the number of times it gets damaged as a result of an accidental drop or scratch. You should go through the terms and conditions as provided by Apple. Most times you are likely to get only up to two numbers of incidents of accidental coverage as a result of your fault, and there are deductibles per device as well. For any iPhone model, the deductible for any form of screen damage is 29 dollars, while other damages outside screen breakage are 99 dollars. For the Mac Book series, the screen damage deductible is 99 dollars, while other forms of damage are 299 dollars.

For the iPod Touch, the Home Pod and the Apple Watch, the deductibles for any form of damage is 29 dollars, 39 dollars, and 69 dollars respectively. Another form of useful coverage that the AppleCare+ provides is the theft or loss coverage. Enrolling in this coverage allows you to replace a lost or stolen iPhone. To get this coverage you would have to pay an extra fee in addition to the AppleCare+ coverage fee for each iPhone device. For the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the fee is an extra 800 dollars, while every other later iPhone version i.e. the iPhone X series and iPhone 11 series are all set at an extra 100 dollars.

Just like the regular AppleCare+ coverage has deductibles, there are deductibles for the AppleCare+ theft and loss coverage. The deductibles for the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8 is 199 dollars, while that of the iPhone XR, 8 Plus, 6S Plus and 7 Plus is fixed at 229 dollars. For the iPhone X, the XS, and XS Max, the deductible is 269 dollars, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, is also at 299 dollars.

Having to pay for deductibles and AppleCare+ after purchasing an expensive iPhone is not so desirable. But the cushion effects it would have in the advent of any damage or loss of your iPhone would be very substantial. Imagine losing your iPhone 11 and having to spend about 269 dollars for a replacement as against the full cost of a new iPhone 11. You would be saving over 400 dollars in that process. The question of whether you should get an AppleCare+ is entirely up to you and is dependent on how you use your iPhone. If you know you are prone to dropping your phone or bumping it against a hard surface, you should consider getting an AppleCare+ coverage, and if you are forgetful like so many other individuals who are always having to deal with so many activities in a fast-paced environment, you should consider getting an AppleCare+ Theft and Loss coverage as that extra coverage fee could save you a lot when something eventually happens, you can take it as a form of “phone insurance”.

One other thing you stand to benefit is that peace of mind, where you are assured that you have your iPhone covered. Whatever the case may be, whether you’re getting an AppleCare+ or an AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, you should ensure you handle your device properly and keep it safe always to avoid loss. It is better to be on a safer side by going through all the terms and conditions of the AppleCare+ coverage, so you know what is applicable.

For the Apple Theft and Loss coverage, it is required of you that at the time of theft or misplacement of your iPhone you should have the Find My iPhone feature enabled on your iPhone, although there may be certain exclusions from this. Just as it is important for Find My iPhone to be enabled on your device during the theft or loss process, it is also important to ensure that your iPhone is associated with your Apple ID during that process as well, as the process of getting you a new iPhone includes erasing the information on your missing iPhone, disabling it and transferring ownership to your newly issued device.

Ensure you can always remember your Apple ID and password as you would need that to sign in to your Find My iPhone account, so make sure you always keep your account information up to date. You can also add an extra level of security by using the two-factor authentication login for your Apple ID, but it if you are doing this it is also recommended you link your account to another trusted phone number that you can receive the secured six-digit verification code needed to sign in to your account if you lose your iPhone.

How to Contact Apple to Kickstart your AppleCare+ Coverage Benefits

Once you need any form of repair or replacement, there are various ways you can reach out to the customer support team. As an Apple customer with an AppleCare+ coverage plan, you have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week priority access to their customer support experts, and if you stay in any metropolitan area around the world you can be assured of getting the same day service.

You also have the express replacement service, so you would spend minimal time without an iPhone, as a replacement would be shipped to you, so you don’t have to wait for the repair. I would explain more about the Express replacement service shortly.

You can send your iPhone to Apple by mailing it in using the apple prepaid shipping box, and you can also decide to use the Carry-in repair method by taking your iPhone to the nearest Apple-authorized service provider.

AppleCare+ Express Replacement Service is available for your iPhone

This feature is a benefit that is enjoyed by Apple customers who acquire the AppleCare+ coverage. When you request for the express replacement, Apple sends you a replacement for your iPhone 11 immediately as well as packaging to help you return your damaged phone for proper repairs.

The Cost of Express Replacement Service

When you order for the express replacement service using your AppleCare+ coverage plan, you would only have to pay for the replacement service, as Apple covers the express delivery for you. Just as explained earlier on all rules guiding the AppleCare+ and Apple Care also apply to the Express replacement service. So, whenever you’re requesting for a repair that is not as a result of an accident and your warranty period has not elapsed and you request for an express replacement service you need not pay any fee.

How to Return Your Original iPhone

Apple Care Available iPhone Series
AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss are available

Once you request for the express replacement service, a new iPhone would be shipped to you with factory settings and other necessary information. You are to return your original iPhone to Apple within 10 working days of requesting for a replacement in order to avoid paying late fees. Usually, when you make a request for an express replacement service, you would permit a temporary authorization on your credit card.

This covers the complete replacement value of your iPhone and becomes invalid or expires if your repair issue is covered under the normal Apple Care warranty and you were able to send back your original product with the specified 10 business days. If you fail to send your damaged iPhone to Apple within 10 business days after you received the replacement or you did send it but Apple never received it, you would be charged the full replacement amount, and this would be deducted from your card. If after your phone arrives late and the fault is covered under warranty, then the replacement value initially deducted would be refunded to your account and only the late fee would be charged.

Renewing Your AppleCare+ Coverage

Once your AppleCare+ initial yearly coverage expires, you can always renew or subscribe to a more flexible monthly plan. For example, if you subscribed for an initial 24- or 36-months coverage and this time elapses, you can switch to a monthly basis coverage payment. The monthly plan keeps renewing automatically until you cancel the plan. Once your first coverage of 24 or 36 months ends, you can no longer subscribe for a yearly plan except the monthly plan. To check your coverage status, you can log in to mysupport.apple.com using your Apple ID and selecting your device. Another option is for you to open the Apple support app on your iPhone. Then you sign in to your account and tap on Check Coverage.

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