How to Change Sim Card in an iPhone?


If you are thinking of how to change the sim card in iPhone, then this article will help you a lot. iPhone has two SIM card slots, namely EDGE and GSM. Both are of same standard and used by all the network providers in the USA. You can use one of them according to your preference. But for some specific requirements you need to use other one.

If you travel more often than usual or use international SIM cards then it is better to go with the global variant of the card. It has more benefits than any other version. However, it is slightly more expensive than the domestic one. But that small extra cost is worth it. In this article, I will discuss on how to change the sim card in iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, there is a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) card in iPhone. It is the newest technology in the world and provides high-speed communication. Almost all the cell phone companies are using this system but still it is not available in all countries. So, before going to any stores to ask for it you should know how to change the sim card in iPhone.

iPhone uses different base stations for EDGE and GSM. So, if you want to use another network provider like Vodafone or Three, you can also select from their base stations. All the mobiles have SIM card slots for both EDGE and GSM. To change the sim card in iPhone, you just need to remove the existing card and insert the new one.

For removing an existing card, the first step is to unplug the iPhone. You can do that by either pulling out the ear piece or unplugging the charging cable from the device. Then, you should locate the SIM card slot – which you should look for either under the battery or at the side of the iPhone.

If you insert a new card, you will hear three tones. The first one would be the alarm, the second one would be the confirm tone, and the third one would be the unlock tone. Now, you should turn on the iPhone. After that, you should see a screen with an icon. If you look at the screen carefully, you should see three dots. Click on the icon, and it will take you to settings.

The next step is to tap on the plus sign and scroll down to General. The next button that you should see is Cellular Data. You should turn on the phone and then use the tap on the Cellular Data option. Now, you should see the Cellular Data Rates. Tap on the appropriate rate, and the iPhone will connect to a cell network.

The last step in learning how to change the sim card in an iPhone is to touch on the Save tab and then scroll down to Connection. The last option is Auto-connect. When you touch this option, you should see a button that says Use Auto-connect. With this connection, your iPhone will automatically connect to a cellular network even if there is no signal.

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