How To Do Picture in Picture on iPhone?


Picture in Picture Carry on Watching: You can now shut down a video page on your iPhone and continue watching on a floating window, while using other apps. It works for regular videos such as a website’s videos, the TV app and also when in a FaceTime video call. It’s a great way to continue watching while doing something else on your iPhone and it’s easy too. Here’s how it works.

iPhone Picture in Picture

Step 1: While watching a video or in a FaceTime video call, swipe the screen up or tap the Home button to get back to the Home screen. The video continues to play in a floating window on top of whatever is open on your screen.

Step 2: Tap screen for controls; play, pause, 15 secs and scrub through the video. Tap the video to hide and show on-screen controls. The icon in the middle lets you pause and play the video and you can skip forward and backward 15 seconds too.

Step 3: Close window or back to full size You can drag the floating window into any corner of the screen. Tap the X icon in the top-left to close it or tap the Picture-in-Picture icon in the top-right to return to full-screen viewing.

Turn it Off

iphone picture in picture turn off

If you dislike the Picture in Picture feature, you can turn it off in the Settings app. Go to General > Picture in Picture and tap the switch.

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