Reminders App on iPhone [ iOS 13 / iOS 14 Tricks ]

How to Use Reminders App on iPhone


With the Reminders app, you can set up reminders, assign them to lists and trigger notify at a specific time and date or when you arrive at or depart from a specific location. Here’s how to get more from it.

Reminders in Focus

1. Use the Search field to search your reminders. Titles, notes, people, locations and more are searched.

2. Tap this link and you can edit your lists; delete them with the minus sign, reorder by dragging the Three-line icon up and down and tap the ‘i’ icon to rename a list, change its colour and choose a new icon.

3. These are your smart lists. ‘Today’ is all your reminders scheduled for that day, ‘Scheduled’ shows reminders that are scheduled for any day, ‘All’ lists all of your reminders, and ‘Flagged’ shows reminders to which you’ve added a flag.

How to Use Reminders App on iPhone
How to Use Reminders App on iPhone

4. These are your lists. They can be called anything you like. Tap one to open it and see the individual reminders you’ve added, mark reminders you’ve done as complete, and add new ones.

5. You can share a Reminders list with someone else, as long as they have a Mac or iOS device. The list then appears in their own Reminders app, and any edits you make are also made on their list, and vice versa.

6. These numbers on the right of each list represent the number of outstanding reminders that are contained in it. When you mark one as done, it’s removed.

7. You can now create a reminder directly from the app’s front page, instead of having to open a list first. Just tap here to create a reminder and assign it to a list.

8. Tap here to create a new list, which appears in the My Lists section of the Reminders home page. You complete and add new ones.

Reminders App on The Web

Reminders App on The Web

If you synchronize your iCloud Reminders, you can view them from any computer that has a web browser. To get to them, just go to and enter your Apple ID and tap the Reminders icon.

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Creating and Using Reminders

Creating and Using Reminders

1.To create a new list, tap the Add List link on the home page at the bottom right of the page. Add a title (anything you like) to your list and tap one of the colored circles to add a color to it. Scroll up and pick an icon or an emoji for the list too. Tap Done when finished.

2. In your list, this image appears associated with that particular reminder. Add a name and, if you wish, tap the ‘i’ icon next to it to add notes, a URL, or a flag, set a priority as low, medium or high and more. Tap the circle to the left when you’ve performed the task to check and dismiss it.

3. To schedule a reminder, tap it and tap the ‘i’ icon. Use Date to set a day on the calendar picker and add an alarm under Time. Other options include setting it to repeat if necessary, reminding when you reach or leave a location or when messaging a certain person.

Creating and Using Reminders App

4. Tap the Add Image link near the bottom of the Details screen and you can add a photo from your Photos app, take a new one, or scan a document. This picture appears in your list, associated with that particular reminder. Tap to enlarge it.

5. From the Details screen you can add Subtasks to a reminder, breaking down the item of which you need reminding into smaller tasks. In your reminders list, they appear in a collapsible list under the reminder in question, and can also be marked completed.

6. To share a list with another Mac or iOS user, open the list and tap the Three-dots icon (top right). From the menu, tap Add People, then choose how to share it. Reminders created in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina or later aren’t compatible with earlier versions of iOS and macOS.

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