How to Remove iPhone Number Blocking? (Number Unblocking)


iPhone Number Unblocking : Sometimes we may have to fight attempts such as calls and messages from unwanted people. It is very easy to block and manage numbers on iPhone. When you block any number, you can neither call, nor text, nor make FaceTime calls, in short, you break all connections with that number. In our previous article, “How to block numbers on iPhone” we discussed this topic, and now we will tell you how to unblock disabled numbers on iPhone.

iPhone number unblocking

The person or numbers you have blocked are listed in Settings> Phone> Call Barring / Identification menu, we will do the unblocking operations here.

How to remove iPhone number blocking Number Unblocking

To unblock the number you have blocked, tap the “Edit” option in the upper right corner of the Settings> Phone> Call Blocking / Identification Screen and simply unblock it by tapping the red unblock icon on the left side of the number.

What happens when the blocked number on iPhone calls you?

When the number you blocked calls you, you will not receive notification and the call record will not drop. However, the caller hears that you are constantly busy.

How do iPhone blocked messages look?

You can not see messages from the person or number you block in any way.

How do I know my iPhone number is blocked?

The only way to know you’re being blocked is to call the other side. If the constantly busy tone drops, it means that you are blocked.

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