Screen Time Monitor Your iPhone [8 Steps]

How to Check Screen Time on iPhone


With Screen Time, you can check what you’ve been doing on your iPhone and for how long, plus set limits for your own, or your children’s iPhone usage. If you’re worried about spending too long on social media, this feature is for you.

Screen Time in Focus

how to check screen time on iphone

1. To open Screen Time, go to Settings > Screen Time. You can also get to the Widgets screen by swiping right from the Lock screen, or the Home screen, and tapping the Screen Time widget near the bottom.

2. Here, you see a summary of how you’ve been using your iPhone on each day of the week. Tap a bar to see how much you used it on that day. You’re also shown your daily average time, and whether this is up or down compared to the previous week.

3. This link takes you to a more detailed breakdown of what you’ve been doing with your phone, and when, arranged according to either weekly or daily summaries.

4. Tap here to schedule downtime for your iPhone. During this point , only apps you select to exclude are often used. It’s great if you think you’re spending too much time on your iPhone.

5. Tap here to limit the time you spend on certain apps or categories of apps. At last, you can break that Facebook habit.

6. This option lets you limit your interactions with specific contacts, both during ‘regular’ and downtime periods.

7. Tap here to identify apps you wish to exclude from downtime, or time limits. Phone, Messages, FaceTime, and Maps are always allowed by default, but you can edit this list.

8. Tap here for passcode- protected restrictions that can be used to block inappropriate content.

More options.

Share Across Devices

Scroll the Screen Time page up for two more useful options. Share Across Devices combines Screen Time settings for all your Apple gear that’s signed into the same Apple ID, and Turn Off Screen Time switches the feature off completely.

Setting up and using Screen Time

Setting up and using Screen Time

1. First of all, go to Settings > Screen Time. When you open this setting for the first time, a window will appear telling you what you can do with this new iPhone feature. Have a read, then tap Continue.

Setting up and using Screen Time

2. Screen Time lets you monitor and regulate your child’s iPhone use as well as review your own. If this is your child’s iPhone, you can tap this option and set up various parental controls.

Setting up and using Screen Time

3. Tap the graph for more details. Tap the tabs at the top to switch between today and the last seven days. If you have more than one Apple device, tap Devices (top right) to choose one.

Setting up and using Screen Time

4. Tap on an app in this overview to see how long you’ve been using it recently, broken down by time on the Today view and by days on the Last 7 Days page. Tap Add restriction to limit the time you can spend on this app.

Setting up and using Screen Time

5. Scroll up on the summary page and you can see how many times you’ve picked up your iPhone during the last day or the last seven days and also how many notifications you’ve received on your iPhone in that time.

Setting up and using Screen Time

6. Tap an app listed under ‘Notifications’ and you can change your notifications settings for that app. For example, you can choose what sort of notifications you want and whether they make a sound on arrival.

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