Siri Shortcuts


Using Siri Shortcuts and the new Shortcuts app you can get even more from Apple’s personal digital assistant. With a little practice, you can design all sorts of helpful shortcuts.

How to Get Siri Shortcuts App

Siri Shortcuts

1. The Shortcuts app is completely free, with no in-app purchases necessary. If it’s not already on your iPhone, you can go to the App Store to download and install it. When it’s downloaded, open the app to continue.

2. You can make your own Siri commands. In the My Shortcuts tab, tap All Shortcuts then the plus icon (top right) to start. From here, you can construct a chain of actions; in our example, we search for local cafés then check the weather.

3. To test it’s working press the Play icon at the foot of the screen. Tap the three dots icon in the top right and give the shortcut a name. Add it to Siri by tapping the link and recording a short phrase that activates your new shortcut.

Siri Shortcuts App

4. Activate your new shortcut by tapping the link and recording a short phrase to add it to Siri. Your shortcuts are synced over iCloud, so a Shortcut created on your iPhone appears on any device signed into the same iCloud account.

5. You can also explore, download and use a range of pre-written Shortcuts created by other iPhone users. Go to the gallery to access them by tapping the icon at the bottom of the main screen. There are also Shortcuts sites on the web.

6. When you find the shortcut you need, click Get shortcut to download it to your shortcut app. You can also click Show Actions to see how it is made, which is a great way to learn to write your own shortcuts.

Siri Dictation Commands List

Siri also understands dictation as well as words, so this helpful list of dictation commands that Siri recognizes will prove very useful if you are dictating an email, for example.

New line – Move to the next line
New paragraph – Start a new paragraph
All caps – Make the next word all uppercase
All caps on … all caps off – Make part of what you say uppercase
No caps – Make the next word lowercase
No caps on … no caps off – Make sure part of what you say is all lowercase
Space bar – Prevent a hyphen from appearing in a normally hyphenated word
Period – .
Comma – ,
Apostrophe – ‘
Exclamation mark – !
Question mark – ?
Ampersand – &
Asterisk – *
Open parenthesis – (
Close parenthesis – )
Open bracket – [
Close bracket – ]
Open brace – {
Close brace – }
Dash: –
Em dash-
Percent sign – %
Copyright sign – ©
Registered sign – ®
Section sign – §
Dollar sign – $
Cent sign – ¢
Pound Sterling sign – £
Degree sign – 0
Caret – A
At sign -@
Pound sign – #
Greater than sign – >
Less than sign – <
Forward slash – /
Back slash – \
Vertical bar – I
Smiley – 🙂
Frowny face) – 🙁
Wink – 😉

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